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A Closer Look at Gucci’s Intellectual Book-Clutch

A Closer Look at Gucci’s Intellectual Book-Clutch

Alessandro Michele’s maximalist empire is replete with cultural and art references, forming (pseudo) intellectual conversations on his clothing and accessories.

His Spring/Summer 2018 collection opens a chapter in dissension, quoting “creation as an act of resistance” to galvanise people to live beyond the banalities of daily life. One revolutionary idea is that of recreational reading in the digital age, expressed through leather document bags that fan out at the base like your favourite book (just kidding, we know you don’t have one).

The jazzy blue version is literally dressed up like a novel, with the titular “Maison de Campagne d’Horace” (“Horace’s Villa”) on the spine and author (Bertrand) Capmartin de Chaupy on the front flap. (If you don’t already know, “Horace’s Villa” is about Capmartin de Chaupy’s quest to find the Roman poet’s summer house in the Sabine hills. Fascinating stuff.)

Those who subscribe to anti-intellectualism can opt for the nonsense word “Guccy” in retro Sega font. Both portfolios come with a key that locks the bag, which can be detached and worn as a necklace with a medieval charm.