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Ingersoll 1892 released an iconic standout model in their brand new “Regent” collection


Founded in 1892, Ingersoll is one of oldest companies in American watchmaking that continues to be an advocate of the industry up till today. The watch company is notorious for being one of the first innovators to develop an automated production line for watches, along with their credibility in refined craftsmanship and quality.

Titled the “Regent” collection, their latest release draws inspiration from the flagship Ingersoll Regent Street store opened in 1924. Its polished and sophisticated aesthetic represents the heritage and heart of the brand: quality, accuracy and affordable luxury.

Noted as one of the standout pieces in the men’s collection, the Ingersoll 1892 automatic watch makes an impressive day-to-day timepiece. Shelled in rose gold-plated stainless steel, the wristwatch showcases its precise automatic movement through the open balance wheel, coupled with month, day and date functions, and fastened with a classic leather strap.