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Bottega Veneta’s Parco Palladiano Collection welcomes three new fragrances for Spring

Bottega Veneta’s Parco Palladiano Collection welcomes three new fragrances for Spring

Launched previously in 2016, the once 6-piece unisex Parco Palladiano Collection from Bottega Veneta served as a tribute to the Palladian gardens of the Veneto in Venice. Tomas Maier conceived the idea of bottling its heterogeneity when he stumbled upon the beautiful plot of greenery during his stroll at the Palladiano villa.

Created by world-renowned perfumers Michel Almairac, Mylène Alran, and Sidonie Lancesseur, the new additions to the Parco Palladiano lineup are numbered VII, VIII, and IX in Roman numerals, keeping true to the classical heritage of the Palladian country houses. The scents reflect the ever-evolving state of the Palladian garden.

“The experience of being in a Palladian garden changes with each hour, and each season. It is not just the flowers, it’s also the trees, the spices, the freshness of the morning, when the garden magnolia is still covered with the dew sparkling in the sun, or the fullness of sunset, when the sensual notes of roses fill the air with their notes. I wanted to create fragrances evoking these different moments as if you were in a Palladian garden yourself,” says the creative director.

Parco Palladiano IX
Parco Palladiano IX calls to mind the end of the day, as the sun begins to descend below the horizon and the cool air of the early evening sets in. It is only when the darkness begins to cast its shadows, that the sensual violet flower grows, radiating a muskiness as it spreads around the stones of the garden’s villa. “I wanted to create a contrast between the delicate and elegant violet and the prestigious enveloping woods that surround it,” says perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur.
Parco Palladiano VII
Parco Palladiano VII conjures the pale light of dawn over the lilacs in the garden. A gentle morning breeze imparts the fresh and powdery scent of the flowers over the subtle salt of the water of the Venice laguna. “The idea is to recreate an olfactive impression when we walk through this garden with its incredible richness. I decided to pause in front of the lilac and recreate the flower in its surroundings,” says perfumer Michel Almairac.
Parco Palladiano VIII
Parco Palladiano VIII brings to life a tranquil stroll through the orange orchard, in the early afternoon when the sun is at its height. Near the villa, the trees are in full bloom, filling the air with the aroma of sweet and honeyed neroli infused with the woodiness of the bark. “To reflect the luminous and flowering orange orchard, I used all ingredients and facets of the plant,” says perfumer Mylène Alran, “the green and woody petitgrain, the delicate floral neroli, the rich and honeydew fleur d’oranger.”

The intrecciato (a Bottega Veneta signature) embossed glass flacon draws attention to the colours of the various botanical components. Pale lavender of VII reflects the petals of the lilac flower, while the liquid gold in VIII reflects the luminous and flowering orange orchards basking in golden sun rays. Deep purples of IX evoke the sensuality of a blooming violet flower and the evening.

Available at Metro and Bottega Veneta boutiques, the Parco Palladiano fragrances come in 100ml bottles that retail for $390 each.