4 Wardrobe Staples to Keep You Cool in the Heat


The weather in Singapore is terrifying, with the evil marriage between humidity and heat conspiring to make our lives a living hell. We get it. In an ideal world, the entire population would be encased in an air-conditioned dome with a mirrored surface to repel scorching rays, but instead we find ourselves trawling the streets with unanimous scowls on our faces because life is a far cry from The Simpsons movie.

Not to be the harbinger of bad news or the captain of all things obvious, but the sun is only going to get hotter for the next couple of months, and the surefire way to assuage the pain of being in public in the midst of the day is opting for comfortable wardrobe staples that help to keep you both physically cool, while looking stylish.

Before you go reaching for the Singaporean uniform that is a sports tank, cargo shorts and flip flops, consider these updated alternatives to your daily gear to up your fashion-forward ante.

Left to right: Public School Mesh Tank, Y3 Aloha Tank top

Instead of sports fabric shirts, opt for lightweight cotton tank tops. Our idea of lightweight cotton tank tops doesn’t extend to those with brazen beer logos across the chest. While those remain a vacation favourite, they don’t exactly translate to being occasion-appropriate. Choose longer tank tops with higher necklines and simple details. If the situation calls for some formality, a neoprene bomber jacket effortlessly completes the look.

From left to right: Givenchy pleated shorts, Juun J Pleated wide-leg shorts, Dolce and Gabbana tailored shorts

Instead of Bermudas, opt for tailored shorts. Tailored shorts, characterised by straight pleats and hems, are the one-up to the pervasive Bermuda shorts. Equally comfortable but with more finesse, tailored shorts have boomed since Kris Van Asche saw fit to have it on the Dior Homme runway. Complement it with blazers, collared shirts, even your average white cotton T-shirt and the ensemble will still appear refined. Put on a pair and bid goodbye to the discomfort of trapped sweat against denim.

From top left: Lanvin denim jacket, Z Zegna collared cardigan, Hood By Air military mesh jacket

Instead of wool blazers, opt for jackets in light fabrics. This may not apply to black tie dinners, unless you’re a sartorial daredevil, but for the errant semi-formal occasion, shirk the heavy blazer in favour of lighter jackets. Denim jackets are always a classic, though avoid those that are overly thick. Mesh is a seasonal favourite, and provides an interesting textural juxtaposition when applied to outerwear. If you value comfort above all other stylistic notions, then a lightweight cardigan is the way to go.

From left clockwise: Gucci leather strap sandals, Givenchy floral sandals, Dolce & Gabbana leather sandals

Instead of flip flops, opt for leather strap sandals. We know flip flops are comfortable, but save those for the neighbourhood and the beach. Leather strap sandals have been appearing in all the latest seasonal footwear offerings for a good reason – simple, easy to pair and wear but with added edginess that succeeds its rubbery counterpart. Leather strap sandals are also versatile enough to be worn with shorts, jeans or trousers. The best part? Sandals make damp socks a distant memory.