Defeat Your Jet Lag with These 5 Travel Grooming Essentials


Whether for business or pleasure, travel is both an inevitable luxury and a bane for the modern man. Being suspended 30,000 feet in the air can be thrilling, but that excitement doesn’t extend to your skin. Ever notice that mid-way through your flight, your skin starts to feel tauter and your complexion attains a slight pallor? Pressurized cabin air strips your skin of its moisture, leaving it dry and blotchy.

Reduce the effects of long haul travel on your skin by incorporating these products into your travel grooming kit and skincare regimen on board the flight.

1. Aesop’s Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream

Vitamin-rich and packed with essential fatty acids, this daily moisturizer contains evening primrose oil which helps maintain the balance of moisture in your skin. The Hydrating Cream is best for skin that is dry or stressed, making it a handy product to reverse the dehydrating effects of recycled plane air.

Tip: Prepare your skin for the harshness of cabin pressure by upping the ante on the amount of facial moisturizer you use at least two days before flying, and increase your water intake.


2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

You can never go wrong with a classic. The Lip Balm #1 has been a favourite with Kiehl’s users for the past 4- years thanks to its intense lip protection that also soothes dry and cracked lips. This odourless lip balm is made with cottion seed oil that absorbs quickly, without losing its softening effects.

Tip: Don’t turn your lips into greasy pucker pots with rigorous application. Just a slick of lip balm before, a couple of times during, and after your flight is more than sufficient to prevent cracking.


3. Dermologica UltraCalming Facial Cleanser

Gently restoring your skin’s pH balance while fortifying its protective barrier, the UltraCalming Facial Cleanser has the ability to relax any skin irritations that might be caused by extended time on the plane, whether blotching, redness or sensitivity. Its easy removal – whether by washing or wiping with cotton pads – is especially convenient for a quick freshening up on long haul flights.

Tip: Don’t bother with the excess. Keep exfoliators, masks and other elaborate facial products out of your travel kit. Just stick to a bottle of cleanser that’s light on your complexion.


4. Laniege Homme Dual Action Energy Skin Toner

Dual function products are the best for saving space in your grooming pouch and working your way around those pesky carry-on limitations. The Energy Skin toner by Laniege boosts your skin’s vitality to tackle the exhaustive effects of jet lag while aiding with pore removal. Its mild water-based formula also keeps your skin from feeling sticky.

Tip: Cleansing and toning go hand-in-hand to keep your skin supple and energized. Don’t compromise your skincare routine by doing one without the other. Being at a high altitude is not an excuse!


5. Shiseido Men’s Total Revitalizer Eye Treatment

Before slipping on that eye mask and being lulled to sleep by the plane engines, dab a little eye treatment to keep the wrinkles and dark eye circles at bay. Shiseido’s Total Revitalizer Eye treatment provides 24 hour coverage and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, to keep your eyes looking bright even after landing.

Tip: Sleep is when your skin does most of its rejuvenation, so try your best to resist the temptation of in-flight entertainment and catch some Z’s on the go.