Summer Grooming Guide – Part 1: PROTECT


Summer’s an open invitation to be out and about under the sun. We present a three-part grooming guide of the latest sun protection products, cleansers and perfumes to get you through the summer. Stock up your grooming arsenal with these products to keep you looking, feeling and smelling like a boss.


Protect yourself from the summer rays with these essentials that will keep your skin hydrated while you sip that cocktail in your cabana by the pool.

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KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration

Perfect for our humid and hot weather, Kiehl’s new Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration comes in a new formula that features a lightweight creamy texture and consistency but packs some serious hydration ingredients. Key of which is the enriched hyaluronic acid, a co-encapsulation of hyaluronic acid and biomimetic hydrator that allows it to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and lock moisture in.Summer Grooming Guide Part 1 Protect 2

AESOP Protective Lip Balm

The most sensitive part of the face – and oft-neglected – is the lips. Actinic cheilitis (lips inflammation) is quite a common occurrence this part of the hemisphere given our unforgiving blast of sun radiation all year round. The silicone, paraffin and beeswax-free lip balm by Aesop provides the perfect hydration needed by lips to stay healthy without the excessive waxy build-ups associated with those ingredients. In its place are richly emollient botanical extracts of castor seed, jojoba and blended waxes of candelila and carnauba to lock in moisture, while the broad spectrum SPF30 provides a transparent barrier to shield the skin against environmental assault.Summer Grooming Guide Part 1 Protect 10

KORRES Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yoghurt

With all these talk of sunscreens and SPFs, it’s easy to forget that a good sun protection routine is equally focused on post-sun exposure as it is on pre-exposure coverage. While sunscreen protects you from UV rays, guys with sensitive skin will still suffer from signs of post-exposure to the sun, raising the chances of premature skin aging. Korres Cooling After-Sun Face & Body Yoghurt contains natural lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins to plump skin with moisturising action to instantly calm and relieve skin of UV-induced redness, while liquorice and willow herb reverse skin damage by repairing and protecting premature skin aging.Summer Grooming Guide Part 1 Protect 11

SISLEY Sunleya G.E. SPF30 PA+++

The new and improved 2014 version of Sisley’s well-loved Sunleya sunscreen retains all the sun protection and antiaging benefits that makes it a best seller, but ups the ante with a holistic approach in the form of new active ingredients. The G.E in the name stands for Glycation (loss off firmness due to the damaging of network of fibres) and Solar Elastosis (skin photoaging damage due to long-term sun exposure). Einkorn wheat extract retards the glycation process which stiffens collagen and elastin fibres and causes loss of firmness in the dermis, while dill extracts stimulates the expression of the gene from the LOXL enzyme to create functional elastin to preserve skin firmness. Summer Grooming Guide Part 1 Protect 4