The Sea Beckons – Brooks Brothers Spring 2014 collection


Inspired by the artists, intellectuals and jet-setters who, from the 1920’s through the 1950’s, found themselves equally at home whether in Connecticut, Cuba or the Cote d ‘Azure. The collection is worldly in spirit but distinctively American in style.

We imagined Hemingway in Cuba in the 50’s, writing his masterpiece “The Old Man and the Sea”. Items from the collection are inspired by early photos of the author and particularly his signature turtle neck, possibly a Brooks Brothers purchase, undoubtedly similar to one found in our catalog of the in the early 1950’s. The pallet is conjured by the novel’s early cover art, and conveys a mood of salt washed colors. Signature items include tropical madras culled from our archives as well as signature prints in tropical colors complete the theme.

We were again inspired by Fitzgerald and the tribe of Americans working in Paris and playing along the Rivera with equal passion. City requirements for fine tailored clothing with flourishes of red or navy gave way to the relaxed but ever-chic seaside palette of dazzling blues, greens, and citron against and white-on-white.

The women’s collection is equally timeless and reflects an elegant interpretation of American sportswear. Classic neutrals such as white-wash, sand, and pale blue are contrasted with vivid corals paired with turquoise and navy. Modern, clean tailored silhouettes are paired with luxuriously silk fabrics or nautical knits perfect for an afternoon stroll on deck. Youthful cool classics play on patterns – a mixing of bohemian florals and stripes.