GOTTA HAVE IT: Claes Göran shoes


Gotta Have It Claes Goran Shoes 2

As Claes Göran says “I don’t need shoes to run a marathon, jump high or climb a mountain. I’m not a hip-hopper and don’t ride skateboards”. What is needed is a pair of nice, cheeky everyday shoes, without signalling accountants, athletes, design geeks or outdoor types, and perhaps most important of all, avoiding the predominant explosion of colours and patterns.

The result isn’t necessarily an additional pair of sneakers, exclusively made for anyone in particular. Just a pair of apparently simple trainers that combine the utility of work shoes with good comfort. The pattern for the sole was inspired by the tyres on Claes Goran’s car; the holes are a four-leaf clover.

Gotta Have It Claes Goran Shoes 1