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IN PRINT: Solid Gold


There’s a whole lot of boozing going on in the month of October. The now staple festival for beer lovers, Oktoberfest, will start a three-day beer frenzy mid-month, and continuing the love for the brewed ambrosia (albeit in a less mass scale)m the Craft Beer Week Singapore will swoop in the last week of the month to not only extend the joy but educate and cultivate beer appreciation in Singapore.

In a bid to expand the public’s beer vernacular – one pint at a time – two “beer guzzling, beer loving, beer-everything people” Paul and Leonard Tan set up Amber Nectar earlier this year. Unlike other beer gardens in the area, the boys have one-up against their competition: they are also the exclusive distributor for Hofbrauhaus, the royal brewery from the Kingdom of Bavaria and famous for its long history and association with Oktoberfest in Munich.

The full article was published in the Oct13 issue.