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GOTTA HAVE IT: A “Garden in Hell” With Louis Vuitton


Gotta Have It A Garden In Hell With Louis Vuitton 1With a collection appropriately titled The Magic Mountain, Kim Jones has commissioned the notoriously sinister Chapman Brothers for a fabulously droll collaboration.

“For Louis Vuitton’s Autumn-Winter 13-14 collection we were commissioned to create our own interpretation of a French baroque floral print. Using hand panted watercolour artworks from our archives, and inspired by the intricacies of Himalayan tradition arts, we added twisted and surprising elements to the creepy floral design; subverting and reinventing the classic.”

The particular standout in the collection is a red duffle bag embroidered with the terrifying and unusual animals found in the Himalayas that accompanied the suits and bathrobe-esque eveningwear. The anthropomorphic creatures were the Chapman Brother’s own spin on the Buddhist idea of “wrathful deities”; fearsome talismanic protectors from evil and the bridge between the natural and supernatural world. These entities soon manifested itself into what Jones’ refer to as “Garden in Hell.” As morbid and demented as that sounds, we’re sure this collection will find itself on every daring trendsetter’s wish list.