GOTTA HAVE IT: Swatch’s New Urban Cool


Gotta Have It Swatchs New Urban Cool

Swatch just unveiled their street-savvy Fall/Winter 2013 collection with a huge injection of attitude. With a total of 9 designs to collect, Swatch took great inspiration on city life. “Life in the cities begins and ends in the streets,” their story starts, “Street culture is catching, contagious, viral.” With this narration in mind, they went about and started their urban expression.

There’s been a recent surge of street-style being the gravitated inspiration for a majority of fashion brands, and we felt it was an appropriate fit for Swatch to release 9 watches that screamed the essence of street-credibility. With a design and color spectrum that can adhere to a plethora of tastes, the selection will sure to be big hits when they arrive at stores come August time. 

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