Style Words: Kevin Seah, Ethan Koh & Edwin Neo


Ethan Koh of Ethan K

Singaporean designers need more support because…

The creativity and craftsmanship of our locality can be revealed to the rest of the world.

Ethan K is amazing because…

It is a young designer label steeped in four generations of exotic skin artisanal expertise. (Koh’s great-grandfather founded  Heng Long International, one of the world’s top five leather tanning companies which was acquired by the LVMH Group in 2011.)

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Croc card holders by Ethan K

Style tips for accessories:

  • Embrace more vibrant colours in your everyday attire and accessories. Black and brown are definitely classic colours that complement almost everything, but a more colourful palette suggests confidence and style.
  • Wear a tie-pin or tie-bar and a matching pair of cufflinks instead of a barrel cuffed shirt.
  • An exotic skin card holder in a beautiful jewel-tone is always the most stylish way for a gentleman to present business cards during a meeting.
  • Match a crocodile belt to the colour tone of your shoes, or contrast them with unique colours like a pair of brown shoes with a cherry-red crocodile belt.

Ethan K is available at Malmaison by The Hour Glass.

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Edwin Neo of Ed Et Al

Singaporean designers need more support because…

We design with the Asian physique in mind, which lends our creations maximum comfort and fit.

Ed Et Al is amazing because…

We are insistent on making shoes of high quality at reasonable prices. 

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All our shoes are made with a traditional technique called the Goodyear Welt. It requires several more steps in the making of the shoes, and ensures greater durability in withstanding wear and tear.

Style tips for shoes:

  • Have a healthy rotation of shoes. As a rule of thumb, try not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.
  • Every pair of shoes deserves a shoe tree. It allows the shoes to dry correctly while retaining the shape.

Ed Et Al is available at Front Row.

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Kevin Seah of Kevin Seah Bespoke

Singaporean designers need more support because…

Buying from Singapore designers sustains the creative industry while encouraging new talents to emerge.  Besides, I detest the term ‘local designer’ as it implies an inferiority complex.

Kevin Seah is amazing because…

Our bespoke jackets take up to 50 hours of work that includes hand stitched buttonholes, and other hand stitching details that can only be found on a true bespoke garment. We do not fuse our jackets like ready-made ones.

Style tips for suits and shirts:

  • Study your physique and personality. Many men look ridiculous following trends blindly. They end up looking like an awful copycat of a model on the runway. 
  • A great shirt entails only good cloth, and good fit. 
  • You don’t need too many fancy details to prove that it’s a great shirt.

For appointments, call (+65) 9188 4681 or email [email protected]

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