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Pedro's Pony Hair Kicks


Though World AIDS Day on the 1st of December has passed, footwear and accessories brand, Pedro, has decided to extend the commitment to assisting the global HIV/AIDs issue by releasing a Fight Aids collection. As a collaborative effect with World Vision Singapore for the sixth year running, 50% of the profit from Fight Aids products sold will be donated to the beneficiaries of the World Vision’s One Life Fund – an educational bursary scheme to benefit children with HIV/AIDs or with parents who are HIV-positive.

The Fight Aids 2015 capsule range is astutely bold, with all the products being one unanimous shade of red. Pedro has released a pair of red snakers and a rubberised backpack, available in two sizes. While both products may look simplistic at a glance, the details reveal another story. The sneakers feature a unique shoelace pattern, while the bag comes with a detachable pouch designed in the shade of a condom – specically for storing one.

Make a difference by heading down to a Pedro outlet and purchasing any of the Fight Aids 2015 products. Not only does it stand as a charitable effort, it also is a constant reminder that you can wear to emphasise the importance of protection.