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Life in the Fast Lane with Harhys Stewart and Braun Büffel

Life in the Fast Lane with Harhys Stewart and Braun Büffel
Harhys Stewart is just 21 years old, and he has spent most of that time playing football. His training sessions are long and tough — any moment he is not committing to his national service duties, his focus is on the game. But in football’s fast-paced state of mind, and together with Braun Büffel, we speak to him about the importance of slowing down and what it means to be mentally adaptable.

Schedules for professional athletes are usually hectic and long. What is a typical day like for you and how do you take things slow while you are in the midst of a season?
My days are especially hectic nowadays with my national service duties and training every day. I start my day before the sun gets up and after work in camp, I head to my football training. After that, it’s a quick trip home to have some dinner and straight to bed before another early morning! It’s quite difficult to switch off with my schedule but on my off days, I usually chill at home with the family or hang out with my friends and get some food.


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The off-season is one of the most important periods for an athlete, it allows them to recharge physically and mentally. What are your favourite activities to rest and recharge?
The off-season is pretty much filled with family time and catching up with my friends outside football. I like chilling at the beach or playing other sports like basketball or table tennis to keep fit.

These days, the mental and psychological aspects of professional sports are just as important as the physical side of it. How do you condition your mental well-being, especially during stressful periods in your sport?
I try not to let things which are out of my control affect me. I think the environments and cultures I grew up in, as well as the influence of my family, taught me to be tough-skinned and not let the actions or words of others impact me.


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Defeats are part of sports. How do you process defeat and get yourself ready for the next challenge?
It’s always tough and it never gets easier. I reflect on what I can do better next time and what I did well individually. For me, self-reflection is extremely important to bounce back and the great thing about football is that there’s always the next match to improve on and comeback to prove yourself.

What’s one goal you set for yourself in your professional sports career this year?
This year has been a bit of a transitional year with my enlistment into the army but I still want to push myself to be the best I can be. If I can get my first call up to the senior national team, that would be a dream come true and the best way to cap off a rollercoaster year.

Lastly, what do you think of the bags you’re paired with today?
I think that they’re great! They’re fashionable but still keep their functionality and I could see myself rocking one to training or games.

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Harhys Stewart sports the Bathers medium leather duffle bag from Braun Büffel. 

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