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An Olympian Victory Travels in Louis Vuitton

  • By Charmaine Tan

Louis Vuitton designs the Olympic and Paralympic Medals and Torches Trunks to house the medals and torches for Paris 2024.

Committed to their patronage towards athletic excellence, Louis Vuitton has designed the Medals Trunks and Torches Trunks that will be used for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.As part of the maison’s mission for this year’s Olympic Games, these trunks are a testament to their legacy in craftsmanship and trunkmaking.

Based on Monsieur Louis Vuitton’s design ethos, designing a trunk involves first understanding the objects it is crafted to protect and display. The Medals Trunks, covered in the maison’s iconic Monogram canvas and featuring brass corners and closures like all Louis Vuitton trunks since the 1850s — hold the medals that symbolise the trials and triumphs of the competing Olympians and Paralympians. French doors reminiscent of the Malle Coiffeuse open up to central and two hinged “wings” sections, revealing specially designed drawers and a black matte leather interior that houses all 468 medals.

Similarly, the Torches Trunks, crafted to hold the Olympic and Paralympic Torches designed by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur, are functional pieces of elegance that represent the maison’s roots in the art and innovation of travel. With the Olympic Torch travelling across Olympia to Marseille to Paris, and the Paralympic Torch arriving from Stoke Mandeville in August, the Torches Trunks are tasked to protect them before and after their journeys. Louis Vuitton’s emblematic Damier canvas lines the exterior, featuring traditional brass protective corners and closures, while circular sockets in the trunk base and soft black matte leather ensure the torches are held securely and snugly during transits.

As a testament to the maison’s pride and commitment towards the athletic spirit, more than 30 Louis Vuitton employees will also participate in the Olympic Torch Relay that will pass through the hands of over11,000 torchbearers on their way to Paris.

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