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The Gucci Interlocking Watch Collection Is a Tribute to Timelessness

  • By Asaph Low

The Gucci Interlocking Watch Collection Is a Tribute to TimelessnessThe Gucci Interlocking Watch Collection captures a centenary of Gucci’s maximalist glamour with the Interlocking G motif.

Timelessness transcends the constraints of hours and minutes, weaving a thread of eternity through the fabric of existence where moments are infinite and the essence of time endures forever. For the house of Gucci, its iconic Interlocking G motif, created in the 1960s by Aldo Gucci as a tribute to Gucci’s late founder, Guccio Gucci, embodies timelessness. Beyond Signore Gucci’s initials, the motif resembles the eternity symbol and captures a centenary of Gucci’s maximalist glamour.

After being seemingly embroidered, painted, printed and applied on various product categories and lines over the decades, the Interlocking G motif finds itself as the anchoring inspiration for the new Gucci Interlocking Watch Collection. The collection is broadly segregated into two categories: the first is a sportier take, while the other takes a playful approach.

Instead of creating rounded watch cases for this collection, Gucci opted for the retro-rich appeal of the cushion-shaped case (essentially a square watch with the corners rounded off). At the heart of both categories lies the Interlocking G motif, proudly emblazoned on the dial as the watch’s second hand to capture the eternal passage of time.

At first glance, the larger 41mm pieces exude a sporty yet sophisticated appeal, with the automatic version undoubtedly the poster child of this collection. With a 100m water-resistant case and rubber strap, the black and blue PVD-coated variants with matching dials check the boxes for modern-day sports. Four recessed quadrants lend depth and texture to the watch, with the main dial subtly brushed for a sunburst effect. The daintier 29mm pieces share a similar execution, however, with a feminine touch with eight diamond indices juxtaposed against the pink or silver dial.

A form-meets-function iteration completes the Gucci Interlocking Watch Collection, with a tri-compax chronograph layout reminiscent of motorsports-inspired watches. A trio of handsome racing green, blue, or black dials provide the right pop of colour against the black ceramic tachymeter bezel and stainless steel case and bracelet.

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