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Aberlour whiskies sail to the shores of Singapore


A new level of taste opens up to whisky lovers in Singapore with the arrival of Aberlour Double Cask Matured whiskies. As of this July, the range of Single Malts including the 12 Year Old, 16 Year Old, 18 Year Old, and the cask-strength A’bunadh, will be available in whisky bars all around the island.

With a name that means “The Mouth of the Chattering Burn”, Aberlour immediately summons forth an air of drama. The intensity of the Speyside brand flows from the history of the whisky, beginning with the ancient Celts in 300BC, who used the soft, pure water from the stream known as the Lour for elixirs and medicinal cordials, to James Fleming, who built the first Aberlour distillery in 1879, and finally into the exceptional character of the whisky.

The unique depth of whiskies also stem from Aberlour’s technique of double cask maturation. While most whiskies are matured for the most part in American whiskey barrels before being transferred into sherry butts for a short while more, Aberlour matures its un-aged whisky concurrently in both for a minimum of 10 years before the two products are tastefully combined by the Whisky Maker. This enables the deep amber whisky to carry the flavours of sweet vanilla and subtly spicy, rich and full-bodied fruitiness. 

For more information on the range, see the slideshow below.