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Jae of DAY6 Answers 15 of Your Questions from Around the World

Jae of DAY6 Answers 15 of Your Questions from Around the World

On 1 July 2021, we opened up a form on our site where we encouraged you fans to ask Jae of DAY6 a question and wow, did we receive them. To be exact, 10,183 that ranged from what he’s up to right now to the name of his future cat.

While it’s no longer in a video form scheduled for 16 July — we promise to make it up to you, drop us an email at [email protected] to let us know who you’d like next and we’ll try our best Jae has actually answered 15 questions we’ve selected instead of 10.

@Richvananana, “What is your favourite part of your face (Pls appreciate your beauty cause you’re really beautiful)”.
Definitely anywhere but my eyes. And I don’t feel that way but I appreciate you 🥺!

@vdollysj, “What was the first concert you went to?”
I think the first concert i ever went on my own was to OneRepublic when they had just come out with their “Dreaming Out Loud” album. Amazing album btwz.

@asterryze, “Would you rather wear the iconic JYP pants, the plastic or see through pants that Hyunjin wore, or the clothes you wear at home to attend music shows?
If I had a choice, I would always wear the clothes I wear at home.

@peyteuu, “If you have only one day left to live, how would you spend it?”
Ahhh…. That has got to be a question I don’t have the answer too. I really don’t know. That’s a toughie. 😭

@_kimmidr, “Hi Jae, how are you feeling with your recent comeback and album release without promoting it on Music Bank and having incomplete members with regards to Sungjin serving in the military? Hoping to see you in person.”
I’m just glad we were able to release it! Thought it might have been a bit more difficult than it actually was but all in all happy and bittersweet that an era of my life has come to an end.

@mumuchaann, “Artist, singer, idol you want to collab with?”
SO MANY. A dream collaboration would be Tyler the Creator. He seems so interesting and versatile. Think it would be absolute heat if we made something.

@spiffingsoul, “I wonder how did you become addicted (in a good way of course) to coffee?”.
Because I wanted to live.

@esli_mt3, “If you had two pills and you can only eat one — one helps you to never forget the lyrics of DAY6 songs and with the other, you are no longer allergic to cats. Which pill will you eat?”
Def cats. I’m so mad I can’t have a cat.

@beayarzooo, “What do you do on an unlucky day?”
Let it pass by and take a breather

@yourstruly.anis, “Your favourite song(s) to unwind after a busy day?”
I’ve been bumping a lot of Doja Cat and Tyler.

@simply_shyles, “So far, what song from the eaJ project holds the biggest place in your heart and why?”
I think “50 proof” and “pacman”. “50 proof” because I think the lyrics are relatable to a vast majority of us during the pandemic and “pacman” because it was a big liftoff point for eaJ.

@ttlfkg, “If you could have a cat, what would you name it? And what breed of cat would you like to have? I promise I will study hard and find the cure to your allergy bestie”.
Hrm. I really like stupid looking animals. Maybe a munchie. The dumber they look, the cuter they are. I think that’s how it works for me.

@zaynab.tahir, “In terms of styling, which Day6 era was your favourite?”
Honestly I’ve been enjoying this era with the sweat pants and the T-shirts. 😎

@yaeng7, “You’ve mentioned before that you were quite the quiet kid, what is some advice you would give to introverted youths?”
Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not. Becoming socially aware is hard if you are anything like me. I still don’t know what I’m doing but I guess try to find a community that accepts you for who you are and not what they think you are.

@_eireeeen, “Have you ever read a comic? If yes, what comic do you recommend?”
“Your Lie in April” — hands down best manga of all time.

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