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#MFMF57: Associate Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Familiar Favourites” Playlist

#MFMF57: Associate Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Familiar Favourites” Playlist

One’s familiar favourites could be the regular playlist he or she goes to when they hop on the train or work out to, but mine is a bit different. My list of familiar favourites are nostalgia filled tunes that bring me back to my childhood. They are influenced by my dad when I was much younger; he was quite the Hi-Fi nerd and would often turn on concert videos and I would watch along.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy a piece of my childhood.

Elton John — Crocodile Rock

Growing up, I had a rich memory of Elton John thanks to two momentous occasions — The Lion King and Princess Diana’s tragic passing. Elton John’s sad/love songs are definitely more renowned but he makes some awesome fun songs for sure such as Crocodile Rock.

Eagles — Hotel California and Eric Clapton — Layla

Have you ever heard acoustic versions of a song so often that it led you to believe it was the original? Well, these two songs are what happened to me when I was young. The former was played at a reunion concert while the latter at MTV’s Unplugged television series. Suffice to say it was a classic “my entire childhood was a lie” moment when I finally heard the original versions. 

Michael Jackson — Black Or White

There are countless of Michael Jackson songs and music videos I’ve watched and listened to when I was young, any will easily make this list but Black Or White in particular left a deep impression thanks to the various ethnic groups featured. At that time, I roughly understood the message of the song but never fully comprehended the true meaning until much later, seeing the devastation that racism brings.

Bonus: Michael Jackson — Jam

While searching for Michael Jackson’s songs, I was reminded of this music video. What’s better than one MJ? Two MJs — Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan playing basketball and dancing together, enough said.