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Party Trick — Discover the Bizarre Talents of the Men’s Folio Team


Members of the Men’s Folio team share the hidden talents that they employ to start (or end) every jolly celebration.

Wilson Lim — Editor-in-Chief

Wilson accidentally discovered he is double-jointed at a party when everyone was raving about how cool it would be to able to lick their own elbows, so he attempted the “impossible” with ease. From then on, he has been asked to put his ankle behind his head and bend his thumb backwards to his wrist. Wilson is actually a contortionist for hire.

Izwan Abdullah — Associate Art Director

Izwan is a man of many tricks – one of them being his ability to flare his nostrils at a record- breaking 120 flares per minute during drunken stupors. His many mysterious, more domineering talents also include challenging people to down a spoonful of hot sauce for $5, even if they don’t particularly need the money.

Bryan Goh — Digital Editor

No one has really asked him to do it at a holiday party and neither did they ask to be made uncomfortable – when push comes to shove, Bryan is able to thrust his entire fist into his mouth. It has helped him break the ice in the room a few times. Then again, it has also gotten him evicted out of a few parties too.

Asaph Low —  Associate Watch & Features Editor

Unlike his teammates, Asaph does not possess many gimmicks to impresses others. Keeping to the more practical agenda of parties, the trick he has up his sleeve is not one that makes other laugh but satiates their stomachs – he is able to whip out a mean dish of pasta that dwarves horrendous party food.

Jordan Liow — Editorial Assistant

When the conversation is at a standstill or if he is desperate to break the ice, Jordan employs a reliable trick involving pulling a tablecloth out from under a stack of glasses and silverware, filled or otherwise. With only a 30 per cent chance of making a mess, it is always guaranteed to leave a strong impression.