Double Trouble — Model of the Year Finalists Face off in Fall/Winter ’19 Best Menswear Looks

Double Trouble — Model of the Year Finalists Face off in Fall/Winter ’19 Best Menswear Looks

We at Men’s Folio have been on enough photoshoots (Editor: I’ve been doing this for over eight years leh?) to realise that no matter how much one plans it down to a T, things usually go awry — like, looks-end-up-getting-stuck-at-customs-or-a-lightbulb-bursts awry. In the spirit of good fun, we’ve pieced some footage from our latest shoot with our Model of the Year finalists to give one an insight on what happens during a shoot.

Watch how photographer Jeff Chang slowly gets more irate (sorry bro, we love you to bits), Editor-in-Chief Wilson Lim makes a mess (Editor: WHAT?), and how steadily panicky our stylist Sapphire Chin gets. As we’ve mentioned, it’s all in good fun — sort of.


On Su Yu:
Loewe Shearling and cotton-blend shirt, wool pants.
On Ridhwan: Prada Shearling and nylon jacket, wool pants.


On Ridhwan: Versace Wool- blend jacket; Balenciaga Cotton-blend T-shirt.
On Ernest: Paul Smith Wool- blend sweater; Givenchy Wool- blend turtleneck sweater.


On Ernest: Hermès Wool knitted sweater, leather pants, leather boots.
On Yu Long: Berluti Wool knitted sweater; Hermès Leather pants, leather boots.


On Ernest:
Versace Polyester- blend jacket, polyester-blend shirt, jeans; Gucci Canvas and leather Ultrapace sneakers.
On Aaron: Prada Nylon shirt; Givenchy Wool- blend turtleneck sweater; Louis Vuitton Wool pants, leather sneakers.


On Aaron:
Balenciaga Wool coat, wool turtleneck sweater, polyester track pants; Burberry Acetate sunglasses.
On Ridhwan: Bottega Veneta Wool coat, polyester- blend sweater, wool pants; Burberry Acetate sunglasses.


On Su Yu:
ISSEY MIYAKE MEN Wool-blend fringed jacket.
On Aaron: ISSEY MIYAKE MEN Wool-blend fringed jacket, wool-blend sweater.


On Ernest: Saint Laurent Wool-blend jacket, silk-blend shirt, jeans, wool hat, silk tie, leather belt, leather boots.
On Su Yu: Saint Laurent Polyester-blend shirt, wool turtleneck sweater, wool pants, wool hat, leather belt, leather boots.


On Aaron:
Dior Men Polyester-blend vest, wool pants; Givenchy Patent leather hooded sweater; Prada Leather sneakers.
On Yu Long: Emporio Armani Wool-blend vest; Berluti Leather hooded sweater; 2 Moncler Fragment 1952 Nylon-blend puffer pants; Louis Vuitton Leather sneakers.


On Yu Long:
Louis Vuitton Wool-blend jacket, polyester-blend half vest, cotton T-shirt, wool pants, suede sneakers.
On Su Yu: Gucci Wool jacket, cotton shirt, wool-blend pants, wool-blend tie, canvas and leather Ultrapace sneakers.


On Ridhwan:
7 Moncler Fragment Nylon puffer jacket; Emporio Armani Polyester-blend pants.
On Yu Long: 2 Moncler 1952, Nylon puffer jacket, polyester- blend track pants