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Sizzling Steaks That Meat Your Bulking Needs

Sizzling Steaks That Meat Your Bulking Needs

A sizzling prime cut with tantalising marinate and juiciness will have any self-respecting man drool for sure, all the more reason if you’re looking to up the gains for your bulking needs this summer. What better way to serve up protein than by doing it with taste? Let’s cut right to the steaks.


Peering into Sugarhaus, you’d think that the place is all about desserts. Cut the sugar, let’s talk steaks. Look further in and you’ll find Fat Belly seating a counter of ten and serving up two steak dishes — The Short Rib and The Flat Iron — that will guarantee to knock your teeth out with flavour (not literally, of course). With an intriguing goal of promoting secondary instead of primary cuts of beef, you will be in for an interesting treat with more than the typical tenderloin or strip-loin. The Short Rib packs in flavour and texture for a thicker bite, while The Flat Iron serves thinner-sliced portions that make it a tender chew. If you want some, come get some.

Whet your appetite at 10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre, #01-03A, 258748. Open 6pm to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday and up to 11pm on Friday and Saturday.


The weekend “It” brunch spot of hippy Telok Ayer is The Market Grill. Secondary cuts are a thing here as well, but the meat tenderised to the point where it melts in your mouth while retaining the natural flavour of the steak. With a delectable 200g worth of 400-day grain fed black angus beef, the Beef Bavette serves a sapid charbroil that finds superb balance between tenderness and taste. They’ve got seafood and burgers as well that match the quality of steak found here, which is all the more reason to come sink your teeth into the promise of a juicy cut.

Find these cuts at 208 Telok Ayer Street, 068642. Open from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10pm daily.

If you’re extremely picky with your meat, Culina Bistro lets you choose your cut off the rack and have it prepped to your liking. Culina supplies many steak restaurants, but here you will get everything in-house to guarantee exceptional freshness. Of course, the newly-opened outlet separates its market and dining areas, which makes for a comfortable dining experience. The Robbins Island Full Blood Wagyu is the dish of choice, utilising the same cut from Waku-Ghin.

Have your pick at Blk 8, Dempsey Road, #01-13 Dempsey Hill, 247696. Opening hours from 11am to 11pm daily.

So good you have to make bookings in advance, Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chophouse serves up a repertoire of steaks that are expertly sourced and butchered — don’t be surprised to find yourself cozying up to many other steak-philes in this fine steakhouse. One crazy tasty steak to try is the Luke’s Bone-in Tenderloin Au Poivre, where the meat surface is glazed with peppercorn instead of a straightforward chargrill. Going in deeper reveals a tantalising porn-pink center that will definitely make you drool like the horndog you are. If you want a quickie instead, there is the option of the exclusive lunch item Steak & Fries, which is basically a slightly smaller version of the Au Poivre a complete steal!

Come get some at 20 Gemmill Ln, 069256. Open Mondays to Saturdays from 12pm to 12am.


Get rocked off your feet at the Bedrock Bar & Grill, L.A. style. This is the first restaurant to bring the holy grail Tomahawk Steak into Singapore; others soon followed, but the student never surpasses the master right? A 400-day grain-fed wagyu bone-in monster sits on a hotplate, inviting you to sink your teeth into meat that practically melts in your mouth. Cutting into the charred outer skin opens up an extremely evenly grilled steak, which is no easy feat. Another one to look out for is the Bedrock Black Pepper Steak that uses the “cap of rib-eye”, which many restaurants do not serve. This is the one-stop place for upper class steaks that are a cut above the rest.

Come for one of the most intense steak-outs at 96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, 238163. Open from 12pm to 3pm for lunch and 6pm to 11pm for dinner.


The avengers of steaks are located at Burnt Ends, and they will do an excellent job at ending you like Thor chopping Thanos’s head off. Except here, they’ll chop you up steaks from the outbacks of Australia, with counter seats and open kitchen to round off the vibes of the place. Chef Dave Pynt brings in custom machines, ovens and grills where cuts can be smoked, roasted or even cooked directly on coal. It all sounds like extravagant Stark tech, but damn do they bring out the flavour by rendering the fat with a slow burn for a richly charred exterior. With great marbling, comes the 46-day dry-aged Full Blood Mayura OP Rib that lives up to the restaurant’s name. Combine that with the full flavour put into it with all the Stark-like technology — you’re definitely in the endgame now.

Assemble at 20 Teck Lim Road, 088391. Opening hours from 11:45am to 2pm on Friday to Saturday and 6pm to 12am on Tuesday to Saturday.

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