#MFMF24: Natural Remedies

#MFMF24: Natural Remedies

Earth Day was a time of reflection for all – from metal straws to zero-packaging products, we do what little we can for Mother Earth. As we come to the end of the annual first quarter, we share some tunes that are natural remedies (literally and figuratively!) to help heal the world for this week’s #MFMF.

The G3sha / Pei Pa Koa (枇杷膏)

Wei Jian: Everyone’s favourite herbal cough syrup is now available in audio format. Traditionally consumed for throat relief, the tonic can now be used to soothe throbbing ears as well. With smooth flows and tasty lyrics in Singlish and Cantonese, this is one tune to easily get hooked on.


Punchnello / Absinthe 

Jocelyn: An anise-flavoured alcohol derived from botanicals, absinthe is technically an au natural remedy – for Jocelyn at least. For someone non-confrontational, the track from Punchnello venting his frustrations, especially with the lyrics of (translated) “I’ve lived my life humble/ It’s my life but why are there so many opinions” proves a nice escape for her. 


Summer Salt / Going Native

Nico: Summer Salt is a rock and roll trio of best pals. With influences of bossa nova and oldies, they create the perfect soundtrack for “chillaxin’” by the pool. Matt has the voice of an angel, Eugene has that in-the-pocket drummin’ and Phil’s bass is quirky. “Going Native” brings out earth tones and rustic vibes in every melody for friends to mellow in or boogie to, especially around a campfire – healing with nature at its best.


Alesso / Remedy

Wilson: Love is the ultimate natural remedy for everything, period. Alesso’s Remedy professes of love curing loneliness but we know that besides nursing emotional diseases, sinus seems to clear up and the regular afternoon migraines seem to stop throbbing altogether when in love. If there is no love interest at the moment, then bop to the dreamy electronic beats and dance your ailments away.