The December-January’19 Issue Celebrates Success

The December-January’19 Issue Celebrates Success

For this Festive Issue, the Men’s Folio team went big on celebrating the success of 2018 and also the anticipation of 2019. There are no fixed rules to how a celebration should be done and editorial assistant Marcus Li takes us on a journey around the world to see how other people revel in the festivities. However, a celebration is never complete without good food and some alcohol; both editorial assistants Khoo Yong Hao and Li provide some worthy suggestions respectively.

The crowd contributes to a good party as well. An infectious energy around the room will put any Debbie Downer to perpetual rest. Men’s Folio showcases a group of stylish guys who can bring any celebration to a fever high. Good-lookers with good vibes, they should be a permanent fixture at every occasion.

Other than being celebratory, it is also the season of gifting. Contributing writer Valerie Wong reflects on Kodak’s famous tagline, “the gift that keeps on giving”, to examine our obsession with nostalgia. In capturing our memories, we inevitably want to immortalise and show appreciation for that moment, but on that note, do we want to be forever “trapped”?

Being grateful is a great virtue to have as it acknowledges what is important and works in our lives to propel us further in the future. Sometimes, that gratitude needs to be outwardly expressed in the form of words, an experience or a thoughtful physical gift. It could be gifted to others and also to yourself. The team has put together an A to Z gift guide to help with two of the above three; the gift of words could really only come straight from the heart.

2018 has been the year Men’s Folio brought attention to stylish Singaporean men, and hopefully 2019 would be the year these men and more to-be-featured men flourish.