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Bone-Baring Skeleton Watches

Bone-Baring Skeleton Watches

As mid-October approaches, so does Halloween. While everyone religiously commemorates the annual Celtic celebration by turning their congenial homes into menacing haunts, not many are familiar with its Mexican doppelgänger, Dia de los Muertos. Also held on 31 October, the Day Of The Dead places heavy emphasis on embracing the notion of death, and instead of mourning for the deceased, the spirits of loved ones are cordially invited back to their worldly homes for 24 hours of solace and remembrance. The holiday icon is the skeleton, with many opting for ghoulish makeovers using elaborate makeup and masks. Murals and artworks of skeletons are adorned with striking colours and vivid flowers, both of which have become a trademarks of the celebration. In a similar vein, here are some daedal skeleton watches to pair with one’s bone-chilling get-up this Spooktober, giving onlookers an unobstructed glimpse of mechanical sophistication in motion.


Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Blue Ceramic

Hublot starts the list off with a special skeleton rendition of their famed Big Bang. Developed over the span of two years, the manual-wound skeleton calibre features unusual architecture based on childhood Meccano construction sets, and is topped by a 10-day power reserve indicator driven by a cogwheel system. Caged in high-tech blue ceramic that is sturdy yet lighter and more scratch-resistant than steel, almost similar to our own calcium-based counterpart. Well, almost.


Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton Sandblasted

The skeleton version of the Octo Finissimo allows connoisseurs to immerse in the heart of its boundary pushing movement. With a skeleton mechanism at just 2.35mm thick (that’s equivalent to less than the width of two US dimes stacked atop each other, mind you), the watch’s condensed nature had to be thought out and planned in order to achieve the level of slenderness. Thankfully, the Maison’s meticulous work will not go unnoticed, as all its mechanical intricacies are daringly displayed for all to see.


Franck Muller Vanguard Gravity Skeleton

The avant-garde Vanguard Gravity Skeleton provides a frame into the ultra-complicated world of Franck Muller’s eponymous brand. The elliptical shape of the bridges are milled from a single piece of aluminium block into a convex shape, giving the watch its distinctive character and drawing in curious eyes for an adventure beyond the sapphire crystal. Anodised aluminium components in orange, yellow, blue, fuschia, green and more allow wearers to accentuate their wrists with a colour pop.