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#MFMF11- Easy Oktoberfest Drinking Songs

#MFMF11- Easy Oktoberfest Drinking Songs

Remember that one time when you and your friends ended up drinking all night – during pre-game, at the Korean BBQ dinner, then at the late night karaoke bar? Six hours of non-stop drinking will do wild things to people, but not as wild as the slurred gibberish that everyone is singing. It costs 50 dollars per hour in the karaoke bar and we have to make full use of it, so here are some easy drinking songs for this Oktoberfest nobody will have problems singing.


Gucci Gang / Lil Pump

Starting things off with the obvious: all you have to do with this song is mumble “Gucci Gang” when the time calls for it, and you’ll be “Gucci” (modern colloquial for fine/good to go).


Poori Gang / Yung Raja

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a challenge to fail horribly at while singing along to “Gucci Gang”, you can try our own Yung Raja’s take, “Poori Gang”. A tongue twister that only Yung Raja can pull off – even when he’s drunk, we bet.


Promises / Calvin Harris, Sam Smith

Sam Smith and Calvin Harris’ new song is as captivating as it is simple. Queue the song in the machine and be ready to give it your everything as you let the memorable lyrics roll off your tongue without a care. Everybody’s drunk enough to not judge anyway.


Man on a Mission / Axel Brizzy

You’re a man on a mission when this song plays, and that mission is to sing this song correctly. The song has a simple last word rhyme that goes on through, making it a pinch to sing along. While it will definitely take some practice, the awed looks on everyone’s faces when you go through the verses like a walk in the park makes it all worth it.


Lift Yourself / Kanye West

This song garners extremes in reactions. Reviewers either hate it or love it, but no one can argue its catchiness and ability to grow on you the more times it is played. The entire song is mostly comprised of the intro “Lift yourself up on your feet, let’s get it on” before moving on to the chorus – which is perfect because singing drunk is a tough act, especially when you can’t read the words off the screen. We don’t want to spoil the song too much here, but Kanye mashes edgy Big Shaq-esque rap and old school jazz scat together to create this amazing and humorous scat sing-along.