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Summer Essence: Beach Vacations

Summer Essence: Beach Vacations

Staying cool and dressing right have never been more important than in summer, so sport the right essentials at your next beach vacation and ride the correct wave.

Stella McCartney

Shorts for Bora Bora: Who said beach shorts are made only for the beach? Shorts like the ones from Stella McCartney shows that their comfort and style can bring anyone from sitting by the poolside, attending BBQ backyard parties to lazing on the couch for Netflix and chill sessions.


Baseball at the Bahamas: The baseball cap is definitely a top 10 in a summer essentials list. The right style can add some charisma to a relaxed summer getup of T-shirt and shorts. Top it off with a beer in hand for the perfect beach ensemble.


Slip to Nice: A good pair of slippers should not only be comfortable but look good as well. Go for a pair with thick rubber soles and substantial straps to differentiate from those that one will wear to the supermarket.

J.W. Anderson

Slings of Boracay: Enough to fit a wallet, bunch of keys, and a couple of bottle of beers, the casual cotton sling bag is beach-ready (easy to clean after getting sand in). It gives one the perfect excuse to not bag a laptop – work. Out-of-office email activated.


Eyes in Ocean City: No better time than summer to sport a pair of sunglasses everywhere. For the beach, consider sunglasses with tinted lenses in bright hues of green, yellow, and blue to up the cool factor. They probably do not lend extra UV protection, but at least donning one will catch some roving eyes.

Dior Homme

Muscles of Miami: Having the perfect beach body does not grant one the right to go shirtless for summer 24/7; it wouldn’t be appropriate even for dinner at the beach house. Still feel the need to flaunt those guns? How about the next closest thing to being shirtless: muscle tanks? Suns out, guns out boys!

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