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Interview: Model Luke Pereira


What does being a male model do for you?

It opens up avenues and allows me to meet all kinds of people under the sun. I wouldn’t say I’m an introvert, so I like to speak to different people, especially when I’m at shows or events. It’s about building connections, because you never know who’s going to help you next, and besides, it’s nice to see familiar faces when you go out or have another job.

How do you define success as a male model?

There are many avenues for modelling and with technology today you can do almost anything. So I guess success would mean being able to get different jobs in different areas — not just events and shoots, but TVCs as well.

What was your most memorable modelling gig?

McDonald’s. I did the Angus Beef Burger shoot for them, and I didn’t know it was going to be that big of a campaign. It was out on the bus stops, website, and on sponsored posts in Instagram. I’d wake up in the morning with texts from my friends saying they kept seeing my face whenever they want to eat at night. [Laughs] Yeah, McDonald’s was a big one for me.

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