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Men’s Folio picks: Dover Street Market tees

Men’s Folio picks: Dover Street Market tees

T-shirt designs are the easy medium of self-expression and identity amongst the  fashionably cool. The designs convey personal or commercial ideals and even relay political messages, and they’ve been a social phenomenon for subcultural groups as such the Punks and Hippies – think ripped and acid washed tees.

Nowadays, we associate the second wave of T-shirt culture with streetwear, skateboarders and luxury labels who have found success within the fashion industry at a time when famous personalities and artists front the trend. With high summer approaching, the MF team curates 10 best T-shirts at Dover Street Market, shifting away from souvenir messages and putting the focus firmly on: design, quality, and attention to detail.

Featuring a cropped image of a religious symbol styled with highly- saturated tints, Jakarta-based label and music collective ‘Pleasure’ encompasses the essence of pop art and 80s disco fun all in one  T-shirt.



Dreamland Syndicate T-Shirt

Indie Label Dreamland Syndicate adopts a D-I-Y sensibility to convey their political and social beliefs. They’ve upgraded your staple black tee with minimalist prism-shaped illustrations. 


Pleasure T-Shirt

The collective behind Pleasure knows a thing about good clothes and good design, featuring its distinctive minimalist logo, the label adds stylistic detailing to an essential plain white tee. 



Paradis3 LSD World Peace T-Shirt

Sick of clichéd graphic Ts filled with Metal iconography? Paradis3 X LSD World Peace taps into our imagination through tongue-in-cheek cartoon imagery laced with dark themes.

For lovers of the Punk movement, Surf-punk label Noon Goons collaborates with Cliff Roman from The Weirdos to design a limited edition silk-screen range portraying a taste of modern youth rebellion.

Integrate your T-shirt collection with the 917’s Logan Supply design in Pre-fall 2017’s trending colour. Founded by Alex Olson, the designer launches an affordable line depicting an authentic skate culture.

Cult New York radio station Know Wave dropped a range of summer-ready Ts focusing on its trademark Wavelength logo. Boasting different colour options, we’d cop the label’s classic design.

Known for its nostalgic lo-fi 90s adaptation, New York skateboard company Bronze 56k, releases its Zoo T-shirt in a powder blue hue, a vibrant summer colour alternative to stock up this season. 

Founded by Professional Skateboarder Alex Olson, Bianca Chandon Ts are constructed in 100% cotton. The comfortable tee makes a sensible choice as a hot weather solution. 

Bianca Chandon releases a range of to-die-for quirky tees silk-screened with dinosaur and soul motifs, and in summer-approved hues like grey, pink, cobalt or mint.