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Restaurant Review: LeVeL33 at Marina Boulevard

Restaurant Review: LeVeL33 at Marina Boulevard

If sipping on a pint of cold, freshly brewed beer and gazing out at the unobstructed panorama of the Marina Bay area sounds like your way of spending a weekend afternoon, LeVeL33 is one brunch destination worth waking up for. The restaurant is the “world’s highest urban craft brewery” – as its name suggests, it’s located on the 33rd floor of the Marina Bay Financial Centre.

LeVeL33 Panoramic View

Entering the establishment via a dedicated lift, one is greeted by sizable copper brew house kettles, which are a highlight of the penthouse restaurant. The interior, lit by natural sunlight that comes through the massive glass panel windows, gives the already-spacious penthouse the illusion of an even larger size. Diners have the option to dine indoors or enjoy the view al fresco.

At the craft brewery restaurant, you’ll want to try its signature craft beer cocktails and microbrews. There is a selection of five brews, including the smooth, light bodied Blond Lager, and the Stout that rewards you with the robust taste of coffee and chocolate. The more discerning beer fanatic can ask for a beer tasting paddle to try out all five signatures.

Sweets Plates

The beers have also been interpreted into cocktails by celebrity mixologist Javier de las Muelas. Named after the capitals of Europe, the craft beer concoctions are as delicious as they are visually appealing. Some of the must-tries include Paris Lush, a floral pink tipple of 33.1 Blond Lager, Rothschild Brut Champagne, crème de cassis and elderflower syrup. The tropical London Fruity, on the other hand, is a blend of 33.4 House Porter, Havana 7 Años, pineapple juice, mango juice and crème de fraise.

Beef Tataki

With a menu designed by Chef James “Jimi” Tegerdine, one might be surprised by the absence of the typical eggs benedicts, bagels, and breakfast sausages. Instead, the restaurant offers a European lunch menu, infused inspirations from Chef Jimi’s various jaunts. To satisfy the locals, LeVel33 serves up Roti, a twist on the traditional roti prata served with house-brewed Indian Pale Ale Curry. Seafood lovers can relish in succulent Tiger Prawns bathed in coriander broth and lightly seasoned with goan masala paste, or sink into the crispy Soft Shell Crab, paired with sides of green mango salad and crispy pork belly.

Bacon Man Cakes

As for the other signatures at LeVeL33, there’s bacon pancakes, Beef Tataki (served rare with puffed rice, pickled mustard seeds and cucumber) and Southern Style Chicken. To round off lunch, the restaurant also has a selection of desserts and confectioneries to satisfy your sweet tooth: a variety of mini pretzels, Mirrored Doughnut that’s topped with fluffy cinnamon cream and berry jam, and chocolate brownie served with chocolate soil and vanilla mousse.

8 Marina Boulevard 33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, 018981