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Summer’s an open invitation to be out and about under the sun. We present a three-part grooming guide of the latest sun protection products, cleansers and perfumes to get you through the summer. Stock up your grooming arsenal with these products to keep you looking, feeling and smelling like a boss.


Smell fresh this summer and turn heads wherever you go with these cool masculine scents.

See here for Part 1 & Part 2.


GUCCI Guilty Studs Pour Homme

While the inspiration behind this limited edition is inspired by rock and roll legends who are friends of the brand, the association ends there. Unlike the clichéd leather notes that you’d expect from a rocker-inspired fragrance, Gucci Guilty Studs is surprisingly fresh. The composition remains unchanged from the original formulation, with predominantly floral notes of lavender, orange blossom and biting lemon that cuts through the sweetness with a masculine undertone of patchouli. It is a light enough fragrance to wear in sunny and humid daytime without being cloyingly sweet.Summer Grooming Guide Part 3 Smell 4

BOSS Bottled. Unlimited.

Summer fragrances are all about fresh and aromatic accords. The limited edition Boss Bottled. Unlimited. is set to take on the summer with its take on ‘energetic aromatic’ fragrance. The perfect post-workout fragrance is designed with invigorating the senses in mind, blending tropical and green notes in a decidedly masculine appeal. Opening with fresh burst of mint, pineapple and green citrus, it tempers the herb note with a lushness that is further deepened with a woody dry down, making it light enough for daytime use and a refreshing pick-me-up after a sweaty day out.Summer Grooming Guide Part 3 Smell

BIOTHERM HOMME Aquafitness Deodorant  

Come rain or shine, applying deodorant is one grooming routine that no man should omit. The 24-hour lasting technology of Biotherm Homme’s Aquafitness deodorant delivers its deodorising effect with just one application and marks the brand’s first and only deodorant that utilises its anti-white mark and anti-yellow stain technology. Its alcohol-free formula also eliminates irritation to sensitive skin. 

Summer Grooming Guide Part 3 Smell 1