Get a taste of the Michelin-star experience at Dolce Vita

Get a taste of the Michelin-star experience at Dolce Vita

For three nights only last week, in conjunction with the World Gourmet Summit 2016, Michelin Star Chef Nacho Manzano served up some of his delicious Modern Spanish dishes to guests at Dolce Vita restaurant, located next to the pool at Mandarin Oriental Singapore.    

Sea Urchin

During his special guest stint at Dolce Vita, Chef Manzano thrilled diners with his particular feats of gastronomy in either an eight- or ten-course set, priced at SGD128 and SGD158 respectively. The evening began with spectacular appetisers such as the ham croquette, the rooster’s crest, and lichen. Thereafter, guests enjoyed a creamy sea urchin topped with aromatic hollandaise sauce, and a dish of fava beans with cockles, served with chicken and dashi broth. The A La Sal seabass with artichoke tea made for an interesting main course, followed by the succulent marinated pigeon paired with seaweed, Kalamata emulsion, marshland herbs and sardine cream. Finally, the sumptuous meal ended with a light and refreshing celery pannacotta with fennel slush, apple soup and seaweed. 


Hailing from the mountainous region of Asturias, Spain, Chef Manzano has been involved in not one, but two establishments that have received recognition in the form of the prestigious Michelin stars: his parents’ former bar, Casa Marcial, as well as his own urban Restaurant La Salgar in Gijón.