Dress Up in 60s Splendour with Tom Ford's AW15 Collection


If you’ve ever wondered how Sherlock Holmes might look in the modern era, Tom Ford’s AW’15 collection is your answer. Inspired by the 60s, the suits are sharply tailored with clean lines, effusing a vibe of masculine cool. The collection’s outerwear exemplifies Tom Ford’s unique ability to apply his keen design eye to orthodox mens staples, transforming end products into pieces that are timeless, yet refreshing. Monochromatic houndsooth-check jackets and coats form an interestingly urbanized revival of the antiquated pattern, while chunky double-breasted military coats and herringbone tweed coats evoke a historical juxtaposition when worn with narrow-cut trousers. 

Every fall collection needs its autumnal essentials, and Tom Ford does this with a playful mish-mash of materials. Camel duffel coats come paired with denim and mohair; shearling collars stylise atypical coat silhouettes, and denim trucker jackets come lined with sheepskin for a luxurious touch. 

Casual sportswear staples are also given life in this collection. Houndsooth is applied to a flannel sports jacket, and paired with white leather Tom Ford Orford sneakers for a relaxed feel. 

For eveningwear, tradition is shirked in favour of bold style. Black Buckley cocktail jackets come paired with turtleneck sweaters and sneakers, nonchalantly accessorised with a fringe scarf. The Op-Art inspired black-and-white geometric patterns on the Buckley cocktails jackets bring the mod madness from 60s London back, proving that one doesn’t have to deck out in colours to be electrifying.