Interview Exclusive: Sunny Wang


Mention Sunny Wang and the actor’s clean-cut mien underscored with a hint of rebellious spunk comes to mind, with glints of his performance on-screen spanning over five years. Entering the entertainment industry was a leap of sorts for the Taiwanese actor, who pursued a business degree at the New York University Stern School of Business. A big decision for Wang, considering his status as the scion of a shipping magnate, where being subsumed into his family business would only seem natural.

Naturally, his family wasn’t too pleased with the move. ‘To be honest, they weren’t that supportive, but they weren’t completely against it either. They felt that everything was all laid out and easy for me to get into, and do well in business. They didn’t understand why I wanted to do something, which they couldn’t help me in. They weren’t sure if at 28 years old, I’d have been able to make a living as an actor. But I told my dad, “You went out into the world and made something of yourself and did it by yourself. And I want to do the same thing with acting.”’

And boy, he sure does get his act on. Debuting in a television romance drama “In time with you” four years ago, he strung up a series of dramas and art-house works subsequently, as well as landing a role in a joint US-China production called Lost in The Tropics. With the film certain to headline his career thus far, he has his eyes set on loftier goals in future. “Well, I would love to get into Hollywood but I just want to keep doing movies, whether it be in China or the US. But eventually, I would like to start my own production company and work with screenplay writers to produce films”

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