Hermes Wanderland Exhibition


Hermes, often connotative of the epitome of luxury in the fashion industry, challenges its conventions by adopting Flanerie for this year’s theme. The “Wanderland” exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery in London is the very brainchild of this theme, with its paris-inspired landscape and a series of installations that immerses visitors into a dream world of joy and fantasy.

Quintessentially Parisian, flânerie is about revelling in the unexpected. “The journey through Wanderland draws its coherence from two intrinsic elements of la flânerie: dreaming and freedom of spirit”, explains Bruno Gaudichon, curator of La Piscine-Musée d’Art et d’Industrie in Roubaix, who was commissioned to create the exhibition.

Objects on display have been meticulously sourced from the Hermes archive, the museum of Emile Hermes’s contemporary collections: a bike, a bag, a pair of boots, a travel writing case, a card deck, a watch from the house’s collection. The display veritably reflects the spirit of the concept ‘Flâneur’ at the heart of Hermès’ creations and its inspiration.

The exhibition will travel to Paris in September and onto Milan in December.