Richard Mille’s Dizzy Hands: An Escape From Time Conventions


Richard Milles Dizzy Hands An Escape From Time Onventions 1

© Richard Mille

Valentine’s Day is fast on our heels and Richard Mille is set to release the exquisite RM 63-01 Dizzy Hands, a truly romantic timepiece inspired by Gérard de Nerval’s Le Temps, to celebrate the season of love.

A seemingly unsuspecting exterior of the watch hides an unusual horological creation – one that allows it’s wearer to stop time in it’s tracks, making a moment last for as long as he pleases.

Richard Milles Dizzy Hands An Escape From Time Onventions 3

When the pusher in the center of the crown is depressed once, a slow motion ballet begins: the sapphire glass dial begins to slowly rotate counter-clockwise, as the hour hand moves clockwise, both at different speeds. With a simple push, time is made irrelevant, freeing one from the rush of everyday life.

Lose track of time and be entranced in the moments that matter. After a short respite, depressing the pusher again would return everything on the dial back to normal. Almost as though no time was lost at all.

Richard Milles Dizzy Hands An Escape From Time Onventions 2

This watch that transforms time into a poetry of motion is inspired by the first lines of Le Temps, a grand exponent of the French romantic tradition of de Nerval’s day:Time does not surprise the wise, but of Time the wise laughs, as only he knows how to use it.

Truly an artistic creation, the movement of the dials is encapsulated by stunning Richard Mille design case with 18K gold front and back bezels with a central caseband of titanium.