Casio G-Shock GPW-1000


The indomitable G-Shock continues to push technological boundaries by being the first watch to seamlessly integrate atomic timekeeping with the power of satellite technology. The latter feature has been around for a while now, correcting watches anywhere in the world by connecting to the global positioning system. Now, the GPW-1000 complements that by receiving radio wave time-calibration signals when GPS is unavailable. The terrestrial signals come from six atomic timekeeping stations worldwide – two in Japan and one each in North America, UK, Germany and China.

The hybrid system runs on a new technology that Casio co-developed with Sony. Since receiving from two signal sources naturally demands higher power usage, the GPW-1000 features an energy efficient GPS LSI (large scale integration) and six-band radio receiver powered by a high-output solar cell. The watch’s motors (to move the hands) have also been miniaturised to conserve energy and accommodate the hybrid system.

Then there’s the usual gamut of G-Shock features, expressed purely in analogue through the proprietary Multi Mission Drive technology that allows each of the watch’s hands to perform multiple functions. The dial itself displays two time zones, day/night, date and day of the week, even the hemispheres, while functions like the stopwatch, countdown timer and barometer are accessible via the crown. The signature indestructible case is further reinforced with Triple G Resist construction to withstand all manner of shocks, centrifugal force and vibrations, making the GPW-1000 a true beacon of perfect time even in the harshest environments.

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