Vehicle Overhaul – Configuring your McLaren 640S via an App


Configuring Your Mclaren 640s Via An App

This year’s Geneva Motor Show saw many carmakers striving to provide the best in customisation services. Both Aston Martin and Lamborghini have used the stellar event to announce their latest news, most excitingly, clients heading to the workshop personally to work with craftsmen on their own bespoke touch.

As for the McLaren 650S Studio App, users are spoilt for choice – a range of factory options that include paint colours, wheels and exterior carbon fiber accents. More than just getting your very own designer McLaren, the finished product can be displayed in a variety of places – for example, Times Square or even the marina at Monaco.

Configuring Your Mclaren 640s Via An App 1

The British company also has plans to pick the best user submissions and feature them on the McLaren website.

The McLaren 650S Design Studio tablet app is available for iOS products through the Apple App Store and for Android devices through the app store.

  Configuring Your Mclaren 640s Via An App 2