Heavyweight for Spring – Male Icons Galore


Heavyweight For Spring Male Icons Galore 5

Men’s Folio March 2014 celebrates the new fashion season with 115 male fashion icons – a special feature that trails throughout the entire magazine. The list furthers the publication’s fashion DNA, giving credit to personalities that have changed the face of fashion. In a bid to redress the obvious imbalance in similar roundups, the team consciously included a healthy selection of Asian faces that do not disappoint.

Heavyweight For Spring Male Icons Galore 4

In addition, iconic items such as white t-shirts and belts have a special place within these pages. Anyone who opens this issue of Men’s Folio will be enthralled by the special 16-page portfolio of portraits presented by photographer, Leslie Kee. Each picture is accompanied by his personal views on the personality and observations when taking their photograph.

Heavyweight For Spring Male Icons Galore 3

Special mention goes to the cover featuring Simonas Pham in Gucci – featuring a unique silver ink that serves to catch attention at the newsstands.

This issue also marks the departure of managing editor, Daniel Goh who will be taking a break. On a personal note, the stunning March issue marks my last at Men’s Folio. I decided on taking a sabbatical for personal reasons, and will use the much-needed break to recharge and refresh my creative battery. I leave behind a strong and capable team, many valuable supporters and a powerful DNA that will see the magazine achieve greater success in the years to come,” he says.

In his place is former fashion editor, Kien Koh who returns to head Men’s Folio.