Going Batty – Batmobile for $1 Million


Going Batty Batmobile For 1 Million

There are currently five such Batmobiles up for grabs. Based on the films directed by Christopher Nolan, these cars have been custom-built from the ground up. Externally, it is every inch the speedster of every Batman fan.

The car runs on a General Motors LS series V8 engine, though sadly, there is not accompanying Bat Pod motorbike or a self-destruct system. However, it comes with a stereo system, a DVD player, an iPod integration port and a gloval satnav system.

Also, cameras have been mounted around the body of the Batmobile, making it easier to manoeuvre along narrow streets.

The car sits on 44-inch wheels, complete with custom-built rims and, as it was built in the US, is available in left-hand-drive only. The company has built just five examples and each one comes with a cool $1 million price tag.