The Newcomer – Red Wing Style 8881


The rusty Midwest America was a tough place to be a century back. A high demand for durable footwear never placed much emphasis on comfort till The Red Wing Shoes Company was founded by Charles Beckman. A century on, the spotlight is now on the Red Wing Style 8881. Constructed using the All-around Goodyear Welt shape, this newcomer uses Mohave, a premium waterproof, reverse suede Roughout leather. Before being made commercially available, it was first developed by The Red Wing Company to produce shoes for the United States military personnel.

 The Newcomer Red Wing Style 8881 4

Inspired by the Mohave Desert’s extreme temperatures, the footwear company made the Red Wing Style 8881 to withstand similar terrain and weather conditions. The secret lies in The Red Wing Company’s unique Roughout leather; used since 1905, it is made in the S.B. Foot Tanning which abandons the typically-used splitting and thinning technique. There are two types of Roughout leather; the Mohave is the uncommonly used waterproof suede made from the hides of cattle. Due to its unfinished leather, shoes made out of this material are known to be more breathable – allowing for body moisture and vapours to be released. On the other hand, the Abilene heavyweight leather uses proprietary tanning processes to give it more durability.