OF THIS MINUTE: Yves Saint Laurent biopic trailer


 All eyes are set on Yves Saint Laurent, a flick focusing on the late designer’s life from 1956 to 1976 – a time where he became an instant celebrity by heading the house of Dior before breaking out on his own. This was also a time where Saint Laurent went through one of the darkest periods of his life, dealing with depression and drugs.

More than just highlighting his career highs and lows, the film also chronicles his love life, pulling into the picture his lover and long-time business partner, Pierre Berge. In fact, Berge gave his approval for this film, unlike a similar biopic that is due to be released in May.

Played by upcoming actor, Pierre Niney, the 24-year-old spent more than four months reading up on the designer before he learnt the art of design and fashion drawing. “I worked with a woman who drew for Saint Laurent for 15 years. I also learnt to recognise the coded vocabulary of workshops,” says Niney on how he imitated the designer’s soft voice.

“I wanted to tell a love story at the same time, a story about people who fight for their dreams,” says first-time director, Jalil Lespert. “the historic and national importance of  the designer “through his creations, men’s clothes — trousers, tuxedos, reefer jackets — which he democratised for women at a time when French society was changing”. Lespert goes on to say that for him, the late Saint Laurent embodied personifies “absolute timidity, extreme elegance.”

At press time, there is no word on when the movie will show in Singapore.

Yves Saint Laurent Biopic Trailer Yves Saint Laurent Biopic Trailer 1