OF THIS MINUTE: Male Domination – Top-earning male models


Male Domination Top Earning Male Models

1. Sean O’Pry – $1.5 million 

An American discovered via his his Myspace profile during his late teens, O’Pry has worked with Calvin Klein, Versace, D&G, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, earning him the top spot for 2013. Not bad considering the lad is only 24 years old.

Male Domination Top Earning Male Models 1

2. David Gandy – $1.4 million

Known as the UK’s ‘Mr Fashion’, 33-year-old Gandy is known to be huge advocate in fronting British designers. However, luxury brands from the other continents also like his strong looks, scoring him campaigns with Hugo Boss, Banana Republic and Massimo Dutti. Gandy’s mug is also used for Johnnie Walker whisky and the protein packed ice-cream company Whey Hey.


Male Domination Top Earning Male Models 2

3. Simon Nessman – $1.1 million

The top three is rounded off with Simon Nessman. Only 23 years of age, the Canadian has been used by Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Versace.