GOTTA HAVE IT: Crème de la Mer – La Mer


Crme De La Mer La Mer

If so many swear by it, you better check it out. Said to be born from the healing powers of the sea, the patented Miracle Broth: the heart of La Mer’s profound powers. Suspended in an extraordinary formula. The secret to activating its renewing power and enjoying its profound benefits lies in a soothing ritual. Crème de la Mer must be warmed for a few seconds between the fingers until it becomes translucent, then pressed gently into the skin.

Your skin will be treated to a bust of moisture and energy: radiance is restored and fine lines fade, with skin looking softer, firmer and virtually ageless. With ingredients such as La Mer’s exclusive combination of Seaweed (Algae) Extract, Sesamum Indicum and Seeds and Medicago Sativa, we can see why the cream has gotten everyone raving.