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IN PRINT: The New Breed


One would think the staff at The Stones Hotel at Legian, Bali are empowered with telepathy, judging by their uncommonly intuitive service. They seem to materialise out of nowhere when your pint of Bintang beer is almost empty, asking if you’d have another drink, with menu in hand and a smile plastered across their faces.

And in a day of check-ins, the staff addresses you by your name with such familiarity you can’t help but think there is a memo blast out there with a photograph of you attached. What’s more surprising is a sweet little surprise waiting for me in the afternoon: a handwritten note of warm wishes next to a miniature cake on my birthday.

Service, as highlighted by netizens on travel forums, seems to be the hotel’s hallmark, and I heartily concur. As part of Marriot’s International’s Autograph Collection, its excellt hospitality is something you’d come to expect from the group, but as a whole, The Stones Hotel is anything b ut your run of the mill business hotel.

The full article was published in the Nov 13 issue.