Stars & Stripes: Feng Xiaoyue in Givenchy at Golden Horse Awards


We dig men who plunge fearlessly into the bracingly cool sea of individualism, so this razor-sharp Givenchy ensemble by Eurasian lad Feng Xiaoyue gets our thumbs up…now if only he had lost that tedious bore of a black blazer.

The pompadour-coiffed up-and-comer, seen here on the paparazzi-infested red carpet of the recent 49th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, was a grungy vision of 21st century dandyism in his bronze Givenchy shirt.

A piece from one of our favorite presentations for Fall 2012—head over to Givenchy’s site to peruse the rest from the collection—we only bemoan the missed opportunity to show off the bold black stars bedecking the front of his shirt, a key motif of Riccardo Tisci’s American flag- and punk-inflected menswear. In an age of anything-goes, we wish Xiaoyue had the balls to skip the outerwear: he’s young and good-looking enough to brave the photogs sans protective cocktail coat!