Huang Xiaoming Squared: Seeing Double at Madame Tussauds


Red-hot matinee idol Huang Xiaoming made a pit-stop at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds recently to reveal a creepy-cool wax figure molded in his likeness—and quite frankly we’re surprised his statue didn’t shatter from the screaming of his fans gathered at the event! 

The launch was a triple celebration for the actor, who was in the region for the premiere of his 3D blockbuster “The Guillotines”, as well as to mark his 35th birthday. The contrast between the actor—decked out in a burgundy double-breasted velvet suit (designer TBD)—and his waxen figure couldn’t be more amusing: Xiaoming’s straggly-haired double was robed in the quaint period costume of the nomadic character he plays in his latest Andrew Lau-directed drama. 

At this juncture, a note about the (real) actor’s outfit is in order: only someone as suave and lithe as Xiaoming could ever dream of pulling off an outfit as baroque and unforgiving as his in this photograph. 

Indeed, in an amusing sign of the body-consciousness of today’s male stars, Xiaoming said he felt immense pressure to look good for his statue: “To ensure that my wax figure would have accurate measurements, I didn’t eat breakfast before the sitting and I didn’t even dare to drink water. My mother is even happier as she has another son! The best part is that he can take my place and appear in movies or at events when I’m too busy.” Cute. 

As for the comically good-humored star’s birthday wish, Xiaoming says he hopes “The Guillotines” will bust box office records when it opens in the region later this year. See the trailer here and decide for yourself if you want to make his dream come true.

P.S. Xiaoming’s wax figure will be on permanent display at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, with an all-new outfit to debut in December.