Azealia Banks & Asos: You Think You’re Fierce?


The hard-hitting Harlem rapper and Asos are the best things online right now, so we couldn’t be more pleased about this blockbuster “duet” between the two for the British fashion e-tailer’s holiday campaign. For those not yet in the know, Azealia Banks is the potty-mouthed priestess spearheading the current popularization of the hitherto underground “seapunk” subculture—that’ll be a hipster-like fixation with the ocean, electronica and deliberately crass ’90s animation. 

In the promo video above, Azealia mimes along to a track off her critically lauded “Fantasea” mixtape, while writhing mermaid-like in a (costume) jewel-encrusted bustier (her current tour is dubbed the “Mermaid Ball”.) “Let’s celebrate the aquababes” is Azealia’s imperious, ironic imperative, and we’ll be doing just that for our Christmas house party—complete with flashy baubles, teal wigs and cellophane mermaid tails! 

P.S. We’ve sieved through the not-so-kid-friendly lyrics for “Fierce”, just to give you a sample of A.B.’s brilliantly hypnotic “flow”. 

She said all queens think they’re fierce
I said: Miss Thing, all queens and me

Bon appetit, I’m a feast for the eyes
The reason why I’m in luxury designs

A girl with a twirl and a rhyme
Diamonds and a pearl on the shine