Culture Mondays: Back to Basics

Culture Mondays: Back to Basics

After our self-assessment in the last days of 2018, it is now time to use that knowledge to build a stronger foundation for 2019. With a solid base, we can be assured that our entire year will be well-supported, and what better way to do so than going back to basics?


Wardrobe Essentials: Start the year with fashion essentials that never fail. A trusty denim jacket or crisp white shirt can be paired with anything one decides to add to their wardrobe throughout the year.


Bare Basics: We get it, with so many different types and functions to choose from, buying a watch can seem like a daunting task. Fret not, as we introduce the minimalistic watches that lets you enter the world of watches. 


Scent Free: Last Christmas, our editor-in-chief briefly touched on scent-free facial products. This week, we’ll do a deep dive into scent-free items to use alongside the trusted fragrances you have picked up for 2019.


Easy Gateway: Last #MFMF, the Men’s Folio team reflected on their 2018. This week, the team will be introducing beats that are great to ease into a completely new genre.