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Culture Mondays: Look Back to Move Forward

Culture Mondays: Look Back to Move Forward

Sometimes, life unfolds in such a fast manner that we don’t have enough time to process our feelings and directions. Now that one is moving into 2019, one should take a short breather and reflect on all that has happened in 2018, for looking back in hindsight gives us wisdom to make better choices in the future.


Reflecting on Nostalgia 

As a fitting beginning to 2019, contributing writer Valerie Wong opens the new year as she contemplates on the romanticism of nostalgia. If the creatives of 2018 can latch onto the 80s aesthetically, one will no doubt be reminded of memories from 2018. Join Valerie as she explores the want for nostalgia in all of us.



The Grass is Greener on the Other Side?

The recent month has brought us many parties and festivities to go to. Men’s Folio writer Marcus Li reflects on festivities overseas and in Singapore, before coming to a conclusion as to which is better.



Raf Simons Calvin Klein Retrospective

Raf Simons’ short but sweet helm in Calvin Klein redefined the standards of male beauty in America. This week, we look at the highlights of what the designer has created for the brand.


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